Posted On: July 20, 2011
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This video was produced in 2011 with Edison. Edison approached CSTNG-SHDWS with the intention of creating something wholly new. This marks the official release of his new track “Shadowtime”, created in tandem with a live video installation.

We approached the project to try our hands at projection mapping – but to try a few things we hadn’t seen yet- mainly, Edison’s insane finger chops controlling the mapped projections and surface. This project was built in part from Andrew Benson’s Locative Media course at SFAI.

In our talks with Edison building “Shadowtime” we came up with the loose concept of telling the story of the ways in which humans have marked and incremented time through the ages. Start in the darkness. Move to the simple cycle of the sun and the moon. Find complexity in the the pendulum and build our own take on Huygen’s clock. Finally, end in the 20th century of atomic time, the increments of which are more accurate then the rotation of the earth itself.

This video and audio track plus a remix kit with all of the source video and audio loops will be included with a renegade lights media compilation.

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