Posted On: July 27, 2009

CSTNG-SHDWS are two video artists who reside in San Francisco, California and Vernon, New Jersey. Their work combines the immediacy of live performance with the multidisciplinary study of design, animation, and code. They utilize strong influences from visual communication systems, typography, video artifacts, and music. C-S work has been featured in Grey Area Foundation for the Arts, IdN, Motionographer, Create Digital Motion, and Motion Served.

CSTNG-SHDWS definition statement:

• There will be no sampling of extant media.

• Live video feeds will only be utilized with extreme caution.

• Every moment must have equal components of digital and analog elements.

• Projection Mapping is interesting …For someone else to do.

• Pixel sculptures must be defined from the carving of darkness.

• The need for multiple layers of live video will not be satisfied even when this number is in the hundreds.

• What is this work? Visalism? VJing? Net Art? Video art? Installation? Live Data Visualism? No, this work is Graphic Design.


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